Blossoming Relationship


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Spring flowers make a great addition to your home.  They add scent, colour and interest to any space.  This time of year you’ll find beautiful potted and fresh cut spring flowers so don’t wait – go pick up a few!

There is no need to go to a professional florist.  Arranging flowers is easy and you may even find it relaxing! It’s wonderful to see beautiful arrangements gracing a dining table, entry or living space of any home.

Here are some tips to create your own arrangements at home.  First, look for interesting containers. Select plant material that has texture and soft delicate blooms. It’s all about the combination of colors and textures that make for a statement piece in your home.  When grouping flowers together, take into consideration their colour. Complimentary colours or various shades of the same colour will look great as a bunch or side by side.  Consider arranging them in your hand as you browse a flower shop.  You can often get an idea of how well the florals work together by combining them on the spot.  Once home, combine the florals either by using a green sponge at the bottom of your vessel or in your hand with the help of an elastic or string.  Really you just need any device that helps you hold them steady while you organize them into something beautiful.

And instantly your home is ready for the spring!

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