Sheree Stuart

Sheree Stuart

Intern, ARIDO; Intern member, IDC

Sheree Stuart leads SSD with more than 15 years of business strategy and finance experience, in addition to her extensive interior design training. This unique background has enabled her to combine a creative design vision with skilled project management and financial expertise, a trifecta of skills well suited to the practice of interior design.

While far-off cultures influence her work, it is primarily her clients’ lifestyles and personal narratives that inform her carefully considered designs, resulting in a portfolio of projects that ranges from formal to casual and traditional to modern. Sheree’s approach has garnered SSD a loyal repeat clientele who value her business acumen as much as her interior design talents.

Offering a full-service program that encompasses concept creation, construction plans, lighting design, and project management, SSD is also recognized for superior custom work. The trusted team of highly skilled trades and craftspeople that Sheree has assembled over the years is committed to quality workmanship and attention to detail. Whether it’s constructing a home, fabricating furniture, upholstery or millwork, the end goal is always work that’s built to last.

Sheree Stuart Design has been recognized as a top interior design firm, both locally and internationally, with recent awards that include:

  • International Design Awards (IDA), Gold in Residential Architecture Design & Silver in Residential Interior Design, 2023
  • Society of British Interior Design Awards, Americas Interior Design Winner, 2023
  • Society of British Interior Design Awards, Interior Design Finalist, 2022
  • Society of British Interior Design Awards, Interior Design Winner, 2021
  • Masters of Design: Top Interior Designers, A Curated Selection by Boca Do Lobo, 2021
  • Toronto’s Most Innovative Boutique Design Firm, LuxLife Magazine, 2021
  • Society of British Interior Design Awards, Product Award Finalist, 2020
  • Designer of the Decade Finalist for the International Design and Architecture Awards, 2019
  • International Design and Architecture Awards, 2019
  • Society of British Interior Design Awards Finalist, 2019
  • International Property Award for Interior Design Apartment, Americas Region, 2019
  • International Design and Architecture Awards, 2018
  • Top 10 in Ontario for Kitchens by Subzero Wolf, 2016

What clients and architects are saying:

“Sheree’s years in finance and the time she spent working abroad in global strategy bring a unique eye and skillset to her projects. She delivers transformative designs while ensuring the journey is a smooth one with minimal bumps in the road.”

– CEO, Architectural Lighting Firm

“Sheree really stands apart in her fabulous business style!”

– architect

“Sheree is amazing. Not only does she have fabulous taste, she is the most organized designer I have ever met.”

– architect

“Sheree truly has been even better than advertised, she has been AMAZING!!”

– client

“Professional, resourceful, and with an eye for style, Sheree is the complete package.”

– client

“We found Sheree to be both a complete delight and an unwavering professional, at every turn. She has a clear understanding of the importance of timing and attention to detail. Her business background and excellent relationships were enormous assets in our large project.”

– client

“Sheree is AMAZING! Sheree brilliantly understands the design process from start to finish, trends, design preferences, calculations, time and budget restraints all in turn, while being very personable and razor smart.”

– client


Sheree Stuart Design provides unparalleled and timeless design solutions that realize our clients’ visions and are delivered on time and within budget. Our unique approach blends strategic concept creation with disciplined design execution to deliver beautifully designed distinctive interiors that reflect each client’s uniqueness.

Our Core Values:

Our design philosophy


Sheree Stuart Design is a boutique firm. Our team and trade professionals have diverse backgrounds including kitchen and bath design, architecture, project management, and construction management. We bring together the right team to ensure your project yields the best possible end result, but also runs smoothly along the way. Together our team is a perfect balance of creativity, organization and results.